Why should you hire a small design studio?

17th August 2021

Whether you are an established brand or a startup, connecting with your target audience and increasing your brand reach has become an important role for everyone today.

Having a store doesn’t help you to reach your audience. All you need to create is, digital presence! Your digital presence on a website and on social media. Customers love to meet the brands they are able to interact with, who are socially active, and share their values with consistent updates and innovations.

Now, you’ve got the basic idea about why your brand needs to have a digital presence but to start with creating your brand value you need to invest your time in building the brand online. From logo design to website and then social media, there is one thing that is common in all which is DESIGN. Creating designs sounds very simple and an easy process, but as a brand, you need to consider all the factors while creating your brand presence. A great design engages users and encourage people to take valuable action.

How do you start with creating designs which are worth valuable and meet all the business demands? Are you thinking about freelancers, design agency, design studio, an individual designer, or you itself?

Hold on! Here are few things you need to know before investing into some designer, and how hiring a small design studio can help your brand grow bigger than having a freelancer or you as a designer.

1. Small design studio involves a team of fresh practical concepts

Small design studios are specialized in making professional designs. They understand brands from a design perspective. They have a team of explorer minds who create unique designs and bring new ideas that suit your budget and brand identity. A design studio has experience of working with many brands and knows brands better, that what works and what does not. They follow different strategies to make a design worth valuable by researching, understanding the target market, taking opinions from experts and bring ideas into reality.

A great design comes with aligning the business strategy with the best execution.

2. Fresh talent at less cost

The bigger the agency, the bigger are the costs, clients, and communication circles. In this way, your company invests more but lack in creativity. On the contrary, small design studios are a set of fresh talents with an aim of growing bigger, so they give the best at low cost.

Brands save, and Small studios network

3. On time deliveries

Everyone likes quick work and if you are looking for the same, small design studio can be a great solution for your design work. Small design studios have limited no. of clients which is a great advantage for the brand to get the work on time, with the best quality work.

The small design studios main focus is on satisfying your demands.

4. Easy and effective communication

Communication is fundamental of every business relations, without effective communication there can be misunderstandings. Small design studios are often easy to communicate with. The major factor is that you are in direct contact with the designer of your project. In a large agency, there are multiple people associated with a single project, and at times leads to miscommunication, with delays in the work process. In this case, in small design studios, there is a single person designing your website, corporate identity, socials and for any questions can be easily contacted.

5. Exclusivity to your brand

When you work with a small design studio, you become an exclusive member for them because small design studios usually work with a limited number of clients. Sometimes you will notice that their whole team will be working for your brand to meet your deadlines on time with the best work. Being an exclusive client, your brand is getting all the attention that can make it hit the higher levels before the expected time frames, and you can rely on them for the long term.

6. Clear vision

A small design studio usually has many skills. For example, we do branding, web design, logo design, and also visual physical and digital marketing. All of these different skills are essential in developing your brand. They know about the current trend and with a clear vision, they will provide you special and unique work based on your brands requirement. You’ve got this one place, which knows how to make all these aspects work together in your brands favor. The clear view point makes it simple to understand that the work given to them will be done as per the present technologies and market requirements.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”
– Napolean Hill

Want to work with a small design studio?

So, are you convinced, that working with small design studios have great benefits and savings, if compared to the big design agencies.

We’d say, let’s connect and experience it yourself.

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